Energy Resources

Empowering Resources at ARC

At ARC, we offer a wealth of unique and powerful resources dedicated to meeting your energy management needs. From advanced forecasting to ISO management, documentation, tracking, and beyond, we possess the technology and expertise to empower your organization.

Insights through Acumen’s Weekly Energy Reports

One of our exceptional members, Acumen, brings an invaluable asset to the table. They produce a weekly energy report, presented in a blog-style format, providing your organization with a concise yet insightful glimpse into the ever-evolving energy landscape.

  • These reports serve as vital tools for utilities and industry players.
  • Data sheds light on shifting market conditions, nationwide pricing trends, and deciphering the nuanced implications behind headline news.
  • By leveraging these reports, your organization gains valuable education about the energy landscape.
  • Report findings help you to stay abreast of global developments and translate them into actionable insights that directly affect your organization.

Harnessing AI for Forecasting: Cloverland’s Success Story

ARC further empowers your organization with cutting-edge energy forecasting tools. Take, for instance, our work with Cloverland Electric Cooperative, where accurate peak forecasting is essential to maintaining low rates for their members. Cloverland faces a unique challenge: their power supply contract is structured with a significant rate tied to demand peaks, which occur once a month. Complicating matters, the calculation of peak demand aligns with the supplier’s peak, not the cooperative’s. This discrepancy creates a complex issue as Cloverland lacks visibility into peak occurrences.

To tackle this challenge head-on, Cloverland leverages a potent AI software forecasting tool that:

  • Enables accurate prediction of peak occurrences.
  • Dispatches generation resources accordingly.
  • Has resulted in an impressive track record of predicting peaks.
  • Accurately predicted 18 consecutive months of peaks.
  • Translated to over $1.5 million in savings for their members.

Dedicated Commitment and Collaborative Success

ARC’s commitment to your energy management success is unwavering. We bring together technology, expertise, and a dedicated network of members to empower your organization. Join us in this transformative journey, where unique energy resources pave the way for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long-term savings.