Portfolio Planning

• Annual budget development and financial analysis
• Review current portfolio for opportunities
• Generate individualized short & long-term plans
• Present alternatives along with associated risks
• Implement renewable energy into portfolio based on desires and needs

Contract Administration

• Review and manage current agreements
• Negotiate contract terms for all types of energy contracts
• Support implementation of necessary facilities required in contracts
• Monitor market changes and fine-tune strategies accordingly

Portfolio Monitoring

• Monitor contract performance during term
• Compare performance to budget and market
• Monitor market changes and adjust when possible
• Monitor changes (both environmental and regulatory) and recommend strategies to minimize any exposure or cost impact


• Analyze and develop market strategy
• Evaluate installation of new energy resources to the market
• Map the procurement process
• Optimize congestion


• Generation optimization of current resources
• Fuel management
• Evaluate installation of new energy resources to the market
• Financial analysis and tracking of performance using in-house software products

Ancillary Services

• Trade execution support
• Credit risk assessment
• Scheduling services
• Settlement services
• Mark-to-market analysis

Behind the Meter

• Load management
• Distributed energy resource planning and optimization
• Generation management and optimization, including LMP options
• EV charging management
• Renewable energy analysis and planning
• REC management and sales

Project Development

• Feasibility analysis
• Cos/benefit analysis
• Owner’s engineer
• Project management
• System integration
• Close-out documentation

Other Services

• Utility management
• IT/OT analysis and management services
• Regulatory and compliance advisory services
• Cyber and physical security services
• Training